Palak Paneer / Palak Aloo

Palak Paneer / Palak Aloo

Specialty of Punjab, Fresh spinach cooked curry style with cheese cubes or potatoes and seasoned with aromatic herbs

Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta

A dish for special occasions, Malai Kofta is the vegetarian alternative to meatballs cooked in mild sauce

Shahi Paneer

Homemade cheese pieces cooked in tomato, spices & nuts

Matar Paneer

Homemade cheese cubes and green peas cooked in cream sauce, tomatoes, ginger & coriander

Bombay Aloo

Cubed potatoes cooked in cumin seed, fresh tomatoes and spices

Mirchi ka Salan

Fresh Green Chilies cooked in tomatoes, onions, sesame seeds & peanuts in a curry style

Paneer Tikka Masala

Homemade style cheese pieces cooked with tomatoes & onions gravy in a creamy sauce

Chili Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables cooked with green chilli, ginger, tomatoes and onions

Vindaloo (med/hot)

Can be prepared with Chicken 11.99 Lamb 12.99 Prawns 16.99 Goat 12.99 Fish 15.99