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By Stefan Alexandru

During this annotated severe version of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Lambda Stefan Alexandru explores and makes use of for the 1st time quite a few formerly ignored textual assets, written in Greek, Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew. The 12th ebook of the Metaphysics, initially an self sustaining treatise, is important for the certainty of Aristotle’s philosophy, essentially as the doctrine of the Unmoved Mover is nowhere else set forth in larger detail.
Not basically the entire forty-two previously recognized Greek codices were collated, but additionally commentaries and translations. additionally, a hitherto undiscovered, self sustaining manuscript, representing a tenuous and especially helpful department of the direct culture, is minutely investigated. The record in query, preserved within the Vatican, is an autograph of the Byzantine humanist and Ecumenical Patriarch Gennadios II Scholarios.

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Ab B D Dm Q Z 24 Cf. Herbert Hunger, Katalog der Griechischen Handschriften der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek, vol. I, Vienna 1961, 298. 25 Cf. P. Moraux, D. Harlfinger, D. Reinsch, J. Wiesner, Aristoteles Graecus: Die griechischen Manuskripte des Aristoteles, vol. I, Berlin 1976, 78–83. 26 Cf. Elpidius Mioni, Bibliothecae Divi Marci Venetiarum codices Graeci manuscripti, vol. I: Thesaurus antiquus. Codices 1–299, Rome 1981, 318–319 and J. A. P. D. , Harvard University, 1958, 36, 54–55. 27 Cf.

Simp. in Ph. 422. 22–24: κατὰ δὲ ᾽Αλέξανδρον καὶ Πορφύριον οὕτως· … ἤτοι αὐτὸ ἢ ἄλλο. 41 The agreement or disagreement of the Milan and Turin manuscripts with the Medicean codex is of some relevance to the establishment of the text of Metaph. Λ. However, in the light of the evidence quoted above it does not seem appropriate to regard any of these later manuscripts or even their consensus as carrying in all instances the same weight as the part of Ab that dates back to the twelfth century. It is worth investigating this and other related issues in somewhat greater detail.

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