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By K.J. Stout, E.J. Davis, P. Sullivan

Quite a few production methods are used to create specifications to be able to specify a producing strategy that allows you to produce a floor having the required features. The engineering surfaces, each one of which produces a floor with its personal attribute topography. it is very important become aware of that this caliber engineer must have a procedure with a purpose to offer topography may well impact the suitability of a floor for particular sufficiently unique details, relative to the desired useful purposes. regrettably, the connection among features, to make sure that surfaces were produced inside of floor topography and sensible behaviour isn't but absolutely the pre-determined tolerance degrees. understood. it truly is transparent, notwithstanding, that there are really special concerns which have to be addressed: (1) the connection among floor CHARACTERIZATION manufacture and the ensuing floor topography, and (2) the connection among topography and serve as. it's also transparent that the most typical approach to making a choice on floor features is an enough knowing of those concerns can simply be by utilizing a stylus-based measuring tool. The stylus accomplished by using an appropriate process for is drawn around the floor at close to consistent speed for a pre­ characterization of the topography. this type of characterization made up our minds distance. The vertical tours of the stylus, relative process comprises either visible and numerical strategies.

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The electro-discharge process is expected to produce a random isotropic surface. The four sets of distribution curves indicate a reasonably close similarity between two orthogonal directions of assessment. 8 Rq' = Ra' which holds true for a genuinely Gaussian distribution of asperities). Very close similarities also exist in the shape parameters, skewness and kurtosis. The combined results confirm a genuinely random surface. 22 ATLAS OF MACHINED SURFACES Rei freq . Rei . freq . - . 19 Rq (#l-m ) ReI.

3 The contour map shows the parallel nature of the cutting process. The plot also indicates that the surface has been logged in a direction which is not exactly in line with the machining process. Such accuracy is less important in 3-D visualization and characterization, but may be significant in 2-D assessment. ~4 o 4 . 4 (over) The four sets of curves presented here show height information for 2-D profiles extracted from two orthogonal directions. The curves relate to the parameters Ra', Rq', skewness and kurtosis.

12 This figure presents the height distribution and associated parameters of the surface after 70% Rt truncation. 13 Here contact % is plotted against truncation %. The nature of the curve shows a slow but continuous transition from low contact % to high contact % as the surface is truncated. It can be seen that 50% contact will occur at a truncation level of approximately 62% Rt. Note that a very high percentage contact is achieved at 80% Rt truncation. 14 When the void volume parameter is plotted the graph shows that the reduction in void volume is generally linear up to approximately 50% Rt truncation and that the void volume reduces to 10% at 62% Rt truncation.

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