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By Charles L. Mee Jr.

World struggle I and the Versailles Treaty that produced the main severe upheaval in an extended and stormy process smooth global background. 4 nice empires - Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Russia - have been a part of the war's rubble. faraway from restoring the realm to reserve, the diplomats who met in 1919 at Paris and Versailles plunged the realm back, this time irretrievably, into the chaos of the 20th century. It used to be the tip of order.

At 3 o'clock at the afternoon of may well 7, 1919, the pinnacle of the German delegation to the Paris Peace convention entered a room within the Palace of Versailles and was once "dazzled and disoriented via the unexpected explosion of solar mirrored within the monstrous mirrors, the chandeliers and white walls." Brockdorf-Rantzau used to be extra bewildered by means of the treaty that used to be awarded to him - "a mass of pass references and altered paragraphs" overlaying two hundred revealed pages and one hundred forty articles. but nobody had studied the rfile - no longer the barrel-chested, shrewd...

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The socialists were able, on some questions, to count on as many as 100 or 140 votes. On the budget, they had hoped to pull a good many moderates over to their side. They had not reckoned, however, on Clemenceau’s uncompromising facing down of the chamber. The socialists first proposed a couple of amendments — which were voted down 380 to 134, and 386 to 88.

He earned his money in America by writing dispatches for Le Temps about Reconstruction, the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, and other political affairs. It has often been said that the problems of Reconstruction after the American Civil War were the closest historical parallel to the problems of healing after World War I — but Clemenceau had little interest in them, except that he loved a good fight, and admired a man who stuck to what he believed. He did say, in expressing some reservation about Andrew Johnson’s “moderation and generosity,” that perhaps it was “too expansive,” and that it would “allow the Southern states to resume the share of power which they held so long, and that the spirit of compromise, which plunged the United States step by step into the Civil War, will once again obscure the issues….

Wilson seemed genuinely to please the women he knew, in conversation and in marriage, and he had at least one love affair: he met Mary Allen Hulbert Peck on a vacation that he took to rest, on doctor’s orders, in Bermuda. Ellen Wilson had stayed at home to mind the children, and Mary Peck, whose first husband had died in an accident and whose second husband lived apart from her, was taken with Wilson’s wit and after-dinner talk. ” The affair lasted from 1906 into the early teens, when Wilson was president.

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