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Account of significant occasions in Ramtha s lifetime, from start to his ascension, in addition to Ramtha s easy teachings on: recognition and effort; the character of truth; The self and the character; The Observer in quantum mechanics; The auric box surrounding the physique; The kundalini strength; and the seven seals within the physique. This educating covers the creation given to scholars starting their learn and coaching at Ramtha s college of Enlightenment.
distinct content material: Foreword through JZ Knight, Introductory Essay to Ramtha s Teachings by means of Jaime Leal-Anaya, Diagrams, Workbook, thesaurus and particular Index.

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47 A BEGI NN ER'S GUIDE TO CREATIN G REALITY plane of existence in time and space. The Spirit is the dynamic aspect of Point Zero. It is the will or intent that desires to know and experience the unknown. The exploration of the potentials of the Void by Point Zero and the mirror consciousness is what produced seven levels of consciousness and, correspondingly, seven levels of time and space, or frequency. This journey and act of creation down seven levels of consciousness and energy are referred to as the journey of involution.

The traveler, or mirror consciousness, identified itself so much with the densest and slowest plane of existence that it forgot its own immortality and divinity. Humanity has become a stranger to itself, to the God that lives within us and is us and searched for help, meaning, and redemption from an outside source. In doing this, humanity denies its own divinity and precludes any chance for liberation from its present condition. It is important to note that in Ramtha's system of thought, the material world - the densest plane of existence - and the physical body are never regarded as evil, undesirable, or intrinsically bad.

And the great travesty is that religion became the caretaker of God and indeed ultimately had power over all of its parishioners' souls. Furthermore, they took this knowledge and said that only by Christ can this happen. That is not true. Furthermore, they are talking about a deity that they have taught exists extraneously from the people. That is not true. , were doing, the Gospel of Thomas is doing something else. If one would like to see what a Gnostic Sayings Gospel does look like, one should turn to the Gospel of Philip.

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