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Five components and appendices. '....a terrific synthesis of Freudian dream approach psychology and Chomsky's structural linguistics...'-from the jacket

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It is grammar that makes language so essentially a human characteristic. For though other creatures can make meaningful sounds, the link between sound and meaning is for them of a far more primitive kind than it is for man, and the link for man is grammar. Man is not merely homo loquens; he is homo grammaticus. [1971, p. 8] What is this grammar which is alleged to be the essence of human language? It is, by one recent understanding (Chomsky, 1957), an economical set of rules for assigning valid structural descriptions to the components of expressive structures and for defining the ways in which such components may be combined to form that infmite set of expressive structures, and only that set, judged to be the entire corpus of the language under study.

The fact that color (or motivational significance) is present in these perceptual processes does not mean that they are any less detailed, any less "perceptual" than those neutral perceptual processes usually employed in perceptual experiments. They do not have any less detail or less idea- A Propositional Unconscious 21 tional content about them than the motivationally neutral perceptions; the difference is only that something has been added. [1959, p. 215] Thus motives and emotions are maps of the world which represent ego's relationship to other significant features of those maps: ''you-make-mefeel-angry"; "you-make-me-feel-lusty"; and so on.

120). , Erikson, 1954; Hadfield, 1954,ch. 7; Schur, 1966; Grinstein, 1968, ch. 1), that a full account of Freud's interpretation will not be given here. 2 Moreover, it is the form, rather than the substance, of Freud's analysis which now must attract our attention . To this end, an abbreviated verbal and schematic outline of Freud's interpretation is given in figure 4-2. 2Freud's own interpretation of another of his dreams - "Botanical Monograph" - is presented on pp. 51-54. For several reasons discussed in chapter 12, 1 have selected this dream as the specimen for the model of dream analysis presented in the fourth section of this volume.

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