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In 1687, however, the EngHsh dragoons carried 'snaphaunce muskets, strapped with bright barrels, of three feet eight inches long, cartouche-boxes, granado bayonets, pouches, buckets and hammer- hatchets; also good, broad cutting swords with three- barred hilts'. The buckets were fixed to the saddle to hold the musket. The hatchet served as an axe to clear the way in tool, and combat weapon. Dragoon regiments an advance, or as an entrenching even as a close that particularly distinguished themselves in action were granted the privilege of wearing their sword and carbine belts crossed like the Horse regiments.

Such a general was John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, one of the greatest commanders of his or any age. John Churchill, the illustrious ancestor of Sir Winston Churchill, had joined the King's Regiment of Foot Guards in 1667 at the age of seventeen. Seven years later he was in command of the regiment, having served with distinction under Marshal Turenne. When the War of the Spanish Succession broke out in 1702 Queen Anne turned to him to take command of the army as Captain General. Marlborough expected a lot of his men and worked them hard.

Sergeant's halberd commanded by a captain with two subalterns. The establishment for the company was: three sergeants, two corporals, two drums and a hundred private soldiers, but in peace-time this strength was often allowed to drop to half this number. Each battalion now included a grenadier company for which the tallest and smartest men were chosen. Grenadiers also had to be of good physique to carry much heavier equipment than the ordinary infantry soldiers. They carried a fusil with sling and had always been issued with a bayonet.

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