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By M.D. Bialeschki

A becoming physique of women's reviews literature and rest literature exists. This exact publication brings jointly those parts in a fashion that enables the reader to view women's relaxation from a number of views aiding to supply possibilities for equality, integrity and freedom of selection inside rest.

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Simone de Beauvoir (in Kaplan, 1979, p. 186). I earnestly want to point out in what true dignity and human happiness consists—I wish to persuade women to endeavor to acquire strength, both of mind and body… Mary Wollstonecraft, 1792, “The Rights of Women” (in A Wollstonecraft Anthology, 1977, p. 86). Just as women have always worked, women have also always had leisure. These concepts of work and leisure, however, have not been necessarily embodied in the same way for women as for men. When analyzing the past two hundred years of American history, it may be difficult to understand the leisure of women.

In general, the norm for working women was similar to women working within the home in that their leisure experiences were scarce and often tied to their socio-economic class. Regardless of whether women worked for pay because of choice or necessity, or whether they worked without pay in the home, leisure as defined by the patriarchy was not seen as the right of most women. Thus, women sought ways to create social change and legitimize their free time. The Interaction of Women’s Leisure and Social Reform Movements All over the world, the emergence of social movements, such as the woman’s rights movement, was dependent on a class of educated women with free time and leisure (Lerner, 1979).

22 A Leisure of One’s Own A comparison of the Victorian ideal and the traits exhibited in leisure reveal that they were often antithetical to each other. For example, some leisure experiences, especially those involving physical exertion, did not allow gentility. They connoted vigor while the ideal woman was supposed to be delicate. Leisure that occurred outside the home and allowed for expression of emotions also conflicted with the ideal woman’s propriety, modesty, and circumspectness. The traits of passiveness, obedience to husband, circumspectness of behavior, and most of all, attractiveness were deemed necessary to maintain the Victorian image of womanhood.

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