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By J. 't Hart, R. Collier, A. Cohen

This publication provides an experimental-phonetic method of the research of intonation, outlined because the ensemble of pitch adaptations in speech. It provides a close explication of the research of intonation via the stylization process: learning the perceptual effects of planned simplifications of speech melody makes it attainable to provide an outline by way of perceptually correct, discrete occasions. Theoretical insights and the acoustic, perceptual, and physiological experimental facts that helps them are amply mentioned. Phoneticians and speech scientists will locate the cutting edge, certain good points of this publication of curiosity.

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Notice, finally, that the CT peak for the end-rise is extra high, probably to compensate for the utterance-final drop of Ps. A fuller explanation of these and similar measurements is given in Collier (1975a). 0 Introduction The various possible acoustic manifestations of vocal-cord vibration have given rise to many strategies in its quantitative analysis. 2). As for the latter, we will make a subdivision into measurement by ear, measurement by eye and automatic measurement. 4). 7 Acoustic manifestations The vocal-cord vibrations give rise to a sound to which pitch can be assigned.

6 x 10 " 3 at 60 ms or longer durations, but more than a doubling of this value each time the duration was halved. Complex 27 Phonetic aspects of intonation signals contain more information, and therefore it should cause no surprise that the saturation point, as measured by the same authors, is situated at a duration of only 30 ms. Flanagan and Saslow (1958) have measured the differential threshold in synthetic vowels, in a frequency region representative of male speech. 5 per cent. This is of the same order of magnitude as has been observed for sine waves (see Nordmark 1968 for 125 Hz), and it suggests that in speech, too, the auditory system is able to measure pitch very delicately.

This implies that it is important, in the analysis of speech-pitch fluctuations, to try to separate these two categories of F o changes, according to their origin, voluntary or involuntary. Again, the most obvious way to achieve this purpose seems to be to perform physiological measurements on the laryngeal musculature, supplemented with measurements of the subglottal and intra-oral pressure. Such a method has a number of unattractive aspects. If one sets out to map out the main characteristics of the intonation of a language, it is not sensible to restrict the number of speakers beforehand to the few who want to volunteer for such experiments; besides, the possibilities of producing spontaneous speech under such circumstances are rather limited; consequently, the inclusion in the observations of less frequently occurring intonation phenomena may not be guaranteed.

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