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Explanations of the toxicity of SO2+NO2 Studies of the pH gradients generated across photosynthetic membranes have recently shown surprisingly toxic effects of treatments with combinations of sulphite and nitrite ions. 5 mM greatly affected the ability of the membranes to maintain a pH gradient. When NOx enters a plant and dissolves in extra-cellular water it forms both nitrate and nitrite ions. In normal nitrogen metabolism, nitrate is converted by nitrate reductase to nitrite and then to ammonia by nitrite reductase.

And Europe, which have resources available in terms of scientists and technology, has been a pleasing hallmark of the study of acid deposition so far. This should continue, and wherever possible be extended, to ensure that future developments are not hindered. Binns This paper presents the work of Sub-group 2 (Soil and Vegetation) of the Watt Committee working group on Acid Rain. A. Smith in 1852; he recorded that ‘all the rain was found to contain sulphuric acid in proportion as it approached the town’ (Manchester), thus demonstrating one of the features of acid precipitation.

In 16 out of 28 EMEP countries, foreign sulphur depositions exceed depositions from sources within the country. K. is not one of these, since few sources lie upwind in the prevailing westerly wind direction. Roughly 75% of our sulphur depositions are of national origin. K. deposition episodes are related to European sources in easterly winds. In remote areas, like western Scotland and northern Scandinavia, especially when they receive high amounts of precipitation, there seems to be a significant contribution to the sulphur deposition from sources outside Europe.

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