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By D. Passeri, F. Marinello (auth.), Francesco Marinello, Daniele Passeri, Enrico Savio (eds.)

The blend of atomic strength microscopy with ultrasonic equipment permits the nearfield detection of acoustic signs. The nondestructive characterization and nanoscale quantitative mapping of floor adhesion and stiffness or friction is feasible. the purpose of this booklet is to supply a entire assessment of other scanning probe acoustic strategies, together with AFAM, UAFM, SNFUH, UFM, SMM and torsional tapping modes. simple theoretical reasons are given to appreciate not just the probe dynamics but in addition the dynamics of tip floor contacts. Calibration and enhancement are mentioned to higher outline the functionality of the thoughts, that are additionally in comparison with different classical ideas reminiscent of nanoindentation or floor acoustic wave. assorted program fields are defined, together with organic surfaces, polymers and skinny films.

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