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On the Meaning of Friendship Between Gay Men

At the which means of Friendship among homosexual males takes readers past a standard exploration of homosexual sexuality and romantic relationships, into the area of spotting the significance of friendship to homosexual men. This book provides deep insights into various facets of friendship between homosexual men, including mentorship, spirituality, survival, and partnership.

A queer sort of materialism : recontextualizing American theater

In enticing, available prose, prime theater critic and cultural commentator David Savran explores the intersections among artwork and tradition, delivering shrewdpermanent, compelling interpretations of the industrial and social contexts of theatrical texts and practices. Acknowledging theater's marginal prestige in U.

Gender and Colonialism: A Psychological Analysis of Oppression and Liberation

Drawing at the writings of numerous authors, together with Jean Baker Miller, Bell Hooks, Mary Daly, Frantz Fanon, Paulo Freire and Ignacio Martin-Baro, in addition to on women's studies, this ebook goals to enhance a 'liberation psychology'; which might reduction in reworking the harmful mental styles linked to oppression and taking motion to lead to social switch.

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The Texcocans waited for him to go on. " "It should be discussed," Watson nodded. "Whatever the ... ah ... " The three of the Genoese team nodded their agreement. "And the problem becomes, have we accomplished completely what we set out to do? " They thought about it. Buchwald said hesitantly, "It has been my own belief that Genoa is not quite ready for us to let loose the ... ah, reins. If we left now, I am not sure—" Roberts said, "Same applies to Texcoco. The State has made fabulous strides, but I am not sure what would happen if we leaders were to leave.

Watson, pull what units we already have in this valley back through the pass we control. " Hawkins said with deceptive mildness, "I just told you those cavalrymen have muskets. To fly low enough to use gas on them, I'd get within easy range. Point one, this is the only aircraft we've built. Point two, MacBride is probably dead, killed when those cavalrymen mutinied. " Plekhanov snarled at him. " He turned churlishly to Watson and Reif. " Barry Watson looked at Chessman. " Joe Chessman shook his head slowly.

Everywhere the gross product increases. " "Well, no. Not as yet," Chessman's sullen voice had an element of chagrin in it. "However, there are no strong elements left that oppose us. " "Sounds like a rather bloody program—especially if Barry Watson, here, winds up with eight women," Martin Gunther said. Watson started to say something but Chessman held up a restraining hand. "The Texcocan State is too strong to be resisted, Gunther. It is mostly a matter of getting around to the more remote peoples.

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