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By Prakash Shah

This e-book discusses the salience of the caste query in united kingdom legislation. It presents the history to how the caste provision got here into the Equality Act 2010 and the way it was once strengthened in 2013, and analyses a few of the pursuits that performed a task in getting caste into legislations.

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As Pratap Bhanu Mehta (2010) argues, the ethical underpinning of the caste reservations system in India has broken down, while there is no real discussion on how alternatives to address any oppression can be formulated. The reservations system has its own dysfunctional effects in India where there continues to be a race to become recognized as part of the bottom layer of society in legal terms so that the maximum proportion of reserved government jobs and state education places can be set aside for one’s own group (Shourie 2012).

Thus, in retaining caste, converts retained an important part of their former religion, caste being ‘one of the evils of heathenism which has unwarily and most unfortunately been allowed to accompany the native convert in his passage to Christianity’. (Italics added) The theologically driven linkages that Protestants made between the caste system and Hinduism (or Brahmanism) subsequently entered secularized discourse on the Indian caste system and also explains why it has acquired a very peculiar moral connotation.

Is there some ‘vested interest’ which is blocking the government’s obligation to implement a law that it should have? If so, is there a link between that interest and the mentioned ‘wealthy Hindu businessmen’ to whom Cameron is ‘bowing’? We are none the wiser after reading the article, which hangs on a cloak and dagger-ish tone, but provides no detail. Instead, it is accusation by innuendo and smacks of some vested interest behind the article itself. It may not go unnoticed that ‘Asians’ is the usual wording when reporting stories of child abuse prosecutions,32 but here the misdemeanour is unequivocally committed by Hindus.

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