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By Aldo Ghizzetti (auth.), Aldo Ghizzetti (eds.)

A. Ghizzetti: a) Lezioni sui procedimenti di quasilinearizzazione e applicazioni. b) Nozioni fondamentali sulle equazioni alle differenze e sulle frazioni continue.- P. Wynn: 4 lectures at the numerical program of endured fractions.- W. Gautschi: energy and weak spot of three-term recurrence relation.- F.L. Bauer: Use of persisted fractions and algorithms relating to them.

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Therefore the thymidine labelling pattern does not necessarily reflect a late DNA synthetizing in all chromosome regions but may be modified by the relative AT-richness of certain bands. 10. g. salivary gland giant chromosomes of insect larvae). BARR et al. (1973) reported that in electron microscopic preparations of human metaphase chromosomes as many as 225 major and 450 minor dense bands can be seen per haploid set. This figure approaches the number of bands in the giant chromosomes of various Dipterans, which is between 2000 and 5000 (BEERMANN, 1972).

Correspond to the very fine bands in prophase- and premature condensed chromosomes which finally form the G-bands of metaphase chromosomes. * Cot value: Co=initial concentration of DNA in moles/liter; t=reassociation time in seconds. the lower the reassociation time, the higher is the repetitiveness of the DNA. 36 Structural Differences Along the Chromosomes (Chromosome Banding) 3. Cytological Localization of Repetitive DNA Localization of isolated DNA fractions in the chromosomes in cytological preparations in situ has been achieved by the following procedure (PARDUE and GALL, 1970; JONES, 1970): The DNA fraction is used as a template for RNA which is synthetized in vitro from labelled precursors with the aid of RNA-polymerase.

31. Microdensitometric tracing of human native DNA centrifuged to equilibrium in Ag+ -CS 2 S0 4 . Satellite DNA's are indicated by roman numbers. Sat. IV is very close to the main band on its light side. • 1973) In order to form a satellite, a DNA-fraction must consist of sequences which all deviate in the same direction. It is conceivable that in particular deviating sequences which are alike or similar in their base composition will form a satellite. It has been shown that satellite DNAs are indeed made up of identically repeated sequences (WARING and BRITTEN, 1966).

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