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There, Hera plays the role of jealous wife. Hesiod, however, has Zeus’s marriage to Leto precede his union with Hera. See Clay (1989) 17–94; and Miralles (1993) 33–39. It is worth noting that the first five marriages of Zeus produce only females. The Hymn to Demeter represents the potential threat of Demeter – like Hera, Zeus’s sister-wife – to Olympian stability. See West (1966) 229. 30 Orientations: the Theogony “love-match” in the whole Theogony,53 a union that produces the lovely and lovable Muses from which the poem began.

Gagarin (1973) believes that dike always refers to a legal case. His conclusions are disputed by Claus (1977); and Dickie (1978). The Scholia at 279a (Pertusi) note that dike has several meanings in Hesiod: pot• m•n –pª t¦v swmatoeidoÓv qeŽv, pot• d• –pª toÓ dika©ou, pot• d• –pª t¦v kr©sewv, pot• d• –pª t v timwr©av. Cf. ” That paraphrase works well for the first saying, but not the second; mallow and asphodel grow wild and require no work; they would seem to be appropriate feed for animals. Cf.

41 If her campaign for generation began from the manufacture of an adamant sickle (161–62), her final capitulation is signaled by one of the rare similes in the Theogony drawn from metalworking. Her days of devising instruments of succession are over. 42 To render his rule permanent, Zeus must here fight fire with fire and ultimately put an end to Earth’s fecundity; he must neutralize her strategy of always siding with the younger against the older generation in order to promote change at the expense of cosmic stability.

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