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The editors of Time-Life Books have produced one other intriguing sequence: Mysteries of the Unknown. old knowledge and mystery Sects are delivered to you in remarkable aspect via bright images and fascinating, informative textual content.

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He then declared the Cathars "worse than the very Saracen" (a Christian term for Muslims) and called for a crusade to wipe out the heresy once and for all. French knights, was answered swiftly by many who were drawn to the effort for several His appeal my was the first crusade c within European borders, so it reqi,, nor expense of a crusade to the Holy Land. Als c to the salvation promised anyone joining least forty days, recruits could look the forward to gar material spoils of the conquered territory.

In fact, the sect's from the Sanskrit word name derived They joined parties of traders or pilgrims and accompanied them until a chance for murder arose. When the time was right. for deceiver. r— aloft under a white handkerchief that repre- 5 sented the rumal. Then he ate Clutching a severed head and a sword, bloody Kali, patron goddess of the Thugs, dances atop a corpse at an Indian cremation ground. the holy food, a coarse sugar, while his fellows petitioned Kali for proval. The rite an omen of ap- complete, the youth be- the assassins approached victims from came a true Thug.

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