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By Diana Cooper

Angels supply outlooks which can support get to the bottom of any human predicament, no matter if social, political, historic, own, sexual, or non secular, and their enlightened ways are recorded in this insightful and uplifting non secular consultant. precise and encouraging own tales turn out that no challenge is simply too tough whilst angels are consulted, and diverse routines and meditations are integrated to make hearing and realizing angels more straightforward. those uncomplicated, transparent, and compassionate solutions are provided as a fashion of resolving making an attempt matters and discovering peace.

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Why is this? And how can he change it? In earlier lifetimes your friend did some bad things, as most souls do in their early incarnations. Now that his understanding has matured, he has a longing to balance the wrong he perpetrated. Part of this involves experiencing what he did to others, and he agreed to this at a higher level before incarnation. As a result of his past lives, your friend also has an unconscious belief in terrible things happening. The universe arranges itself so that his convictions are satisfied.

Lady Gaia, the vast angel in charge of Earth, has decreed that Earth and all on her must rise in consciousness, so if you are ready, you will have an extraordinary opportunity for spiritual growth, a chance unique to these times. You have been prepared for this for hundreds of years. Why is this shift taking place in 2012? Every 26,000 years, or 25,920 years to be exact, there is a rare and extraordinary astrological alignment between Earth, the sun and the Milky Way when time stands still for a moment.

The light they can then access from Source will pour down through their higher chakras and flow into their Earth Star chakra, which is below their feet. This in turn connects them through the ley lines directly into the pyramids. The pyramids are cosmic computers which also act as substations and energy generators, but they have lost their power. As the light of humanity once more connects with them and recharges them with energy from Source, there will be a rebirth of higher consciousness on Earth.

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