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By Elizabeth A. Davison (auth.), Ralf C. Buckley (eds.)

Early study on ant-plant interactions in Australia was once principally restrained to the economically very important challenge of ants harvesting surface-sown pasture seed (e. g. Campbell 1966). The record through Berg (1975) of frequent myrmecochory in Australia, and a burst of in another country examine, encouraged study on various ant-plant interactions in Australia. This publication summarizes such examine and provides reeent and present paintings on seed harvesting, myrmecochory, ant-epiphytes, extrafloral nectaries, ant-plant-homopteran platforms, and the effect of crops on ant faunas. i'm hoping that it'll inspire extra paintings in those and comparable parts, and that the evaluate and bibliography of ant-plant interactions within the leisure ofthe international will function an invaluable resource for these getting into the sphere. The richness of Australia's vegetation and ant fauna render it a very fascinating continent for the examine of interactions among them. As instantly obvious from the checklist of contents, ant-seed interactions are rather major in Australia. this isn't outstanding for a comparatively dry continent bearing a mostly sc1erophyllous plant conceal. destiny study, even though, specifically within the tropical north, is like1y to bare extra forms of interplay, possibly resembling these attribute of the tropics in different places, or maybe distinctively Australian. a number of the chapters were shortened and converted significantly from the unique manuscripts, however the rules and effects provided are, after all, these of the person authors.

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