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By Andre Corvisier, A.T. Siddall

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What kind of family is this? Compared with other family systems throughout history and in different cultures, it is small, mobile and non-productive. On one level it is functionless: it has no broad economic or political or social significance. But on another level, its functions are crucial: The family produces people. It does this in two ways- by socializing children, and by stabilizing adult personalities in the socially approved moulds of wife-mother-housewife and husband-father. The production of people is not a new function for 'the' family as such, but its significance in the case of the modern family is enlarged through the family's loss of its other, pre-industrial functions.

Most surveys are of groups too large for everyone to be questioned individually. It is necessary to select, or 'sample', some individuals for questioning rather than others, so that the numbers are large enough to fairly represent the group but be reasonably easy and economic to handle. The normal way to carry out surveys is now based on 'random sampling' techniques. This eliminates any possibility of bias and is based on mathematical calculations that ensure that an appropriate number of people are selected on a random base from within the target group.

Bias caused by refusals. conclusions. ) sexual behaviour at that time was probably not very different from that of similar groups in the past. The main finding and conclusion was: 'These results suggest that promiscuity, although it exists, is not a very prominent feature of teenage sexual behaviour. ' QUESTIONS FROM SPECIMEN GCSE PAPERS AND SIMILAR PAST 0-LEVEL GCE PAPERS Specimen Questions from all GCSE Examining Groups offering Sociology are included in this book; a selection of these, together with similar questions from the former GCE Boards are included at the end of each Part.

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