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By Thomas H. Pierce and Bruce A. Hohne (Eds.)

content material: synthetic intelligence : the know-how of professional structures / Dennis H. Smith --
A knowledge-engineering facility for development clinical professional platforms / Charles E. Riese and J.D. Stuart --
A rule-induction application for caliber assurance-quality keep watch over and choice of protecting fabrics / L.H. Keith and J.D. Stuart --
A chemistry diagnostic approach for steam strength crops / James C. Bellows --
A real-time professional method for approach regulate / Lowell B. Hawkinson, Carl G. Knickerbocker, and Robert L. Moore --
Interpretation and layout of chemically established experiments with professional structures / David Garfinkel, Lillian Garfinkel, Von-Wun Soo, and Casimir A. Kulikowski --
knowledgeable process for the formula of agricultural chemical substances / Bruce A. Hohne and Richard D. Houghton --
laptop algebra : services and functions to difficulties in engineering and the sciences / Richard Pavelle --
A rule-based declarative language for medical equation fixing / Allan L. Smith --
A chemical-reaction interpreter for simulation of complicated kinetics / David Edelson --
employing the suggestions of man-made intelligence to chemistry schooling / Richard Cornelius, Daniel Cabrol, and Claude Cachet --
Analogy and intelligence in version construction / W. Todd Wipke and Mathew A. Hahn --
Computer-assisted drug receptor mapping research / Teri E. Klein, Conrad Huang, Thomas E. Ferrin, Robert Langridge, and Corwin Hansch --
An clever comic strip pad as enter to molecular constitution courses / Carl Trindle --
The similarity of graphs and molecules / Steven H. Bertz and William C. Herndon --
Symbolic desktop courses utilized to staff concept / Gordon D. Renkes --
A multivalued common sense predicate calculus method of synthesis making plans / W. Todd Wipke and Daniel P. Dolata --
A self-organized wisdom base for bear in mind, layout, and discovery in natural chemistry / Craig S. Wilcox and Robert A. Levinson --
Expert-system principles for Diels-Alder reactions / C. Warren Moseley, William D. LaRoe, and Charles T. Hemphill --
utilizing a theorem prover within the layout of natural syntheses / Tunghwa Wang, Ilene Burnstein, Michael Corbett, Steven Ehrlich, Martha Evens, Alice Gough, and Peter Johnson --
Acquisition and illustration of data for specialist structures in natural chemistry / J. Gasteiger, M.G. Hutchings, P. Löw, and H. Saller --
a professional method for prime functionality liquid chromatography equipment improvement / René Bach, Joe Karnicky, and Seth Abbott --
knowledgeable method for optimizing ultracentrifugation runs / Philip R. Martz, Matt Heffron, and Owen Mitch Griffith --
Elucidation of structural fragments by means of computer-assisted interpretation of IR spectra / Hugh B. Woodruff, Sterling A. Tomellini, and Graham M. Smith --
Automation of constitution elucidation from mass spectrometry-mass spectrometry info / K.P. move, P.T. Palmer, C.F. Beckner, A.B. Giordani, H.G. Gregg, P.A. Hoffman, and C.G. Enke --
man made intelligence, good judgment programming, and data in magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopic research / Teresa J. Harner, George C. Levy, Edward J. Dudewicz, Frank Delaglio, and Anil Kumar --
knowledgeable method for natural constitution choice / Bo Curry --
Concerted natural research of fabrics and expert-system improvement / S.A. Liebman, P.J. Duff, M.A. Schroeder, R.A. Fifer, and A.M. Harper.

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D. ch003 Radian Corporation, Austin, TX 78766-0948 This chapter describes two prototype expert systems for chemical applications being developed using RuleMaster. (1) The f i r s t , QualAId, is a traditional type of system where knowledge on how much and what type of quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) is needed for various types of environmental analyses. The second, GloveAId, is being developed to help select the best glove material(s) for protection against a wide variety of hazardous chemicals.

The C code may be c o m p i l e d on computers o t h e r t h a n t h e one on w h i c h t h e s y s t e m was developed. The t h i r d advantage i s t h e s m a l l s i z e o f t h e c o m p i l e d code. F o r l a r g e r a p p l i c a t i o n s , t h e c o m p i l e d o b j e c t code i s about one e i g h t h t h e s i z e o f t h e c o r r e s p o n d i n g r e s i d e n t c o d e f o r t h e i n t e r p r e t e d v e r s i o n . T h i s a l l o w s e x p e r t systems t o be d e l i v e r e d i n s y s t e m s w i t h l i m i t e d c o m p u t i n g r e s o u r c e s , s u c h as embedded i n chemical instrumentation.

Ch003 [ B u t y l j f c i b b e r Neopreno N l t r l l e PVA PVC V i t o n } •olwt [ I n t e g e r . r o a d "What l a t h e Molecular w e i g h t ? " ] I n t e g e r bollpt [ I n t o g o r . r o a d "What 1a t h e b o i l i n g p o i n t ? " ] I n t e g e r shape [ I n t e g e r . r e a d "Whet I s t h e s h a p e ? " ] I n t e g e r change [ I n t e g e r . r e e d "Whet l e t h e p e r c e n t c h a n g e ? " ] I n t e g e r EXAMPLESι Butyl_Rubber 130 106 185 0 56 «>lgood,G0AL) Butyljtabber 144 0 180 »>(fair,GOAL) Butyljfaibber 106 138 0 181 »>[fe1r,GQAL) Butyljtubber 106 136 0 80 »>(fair,GOAL) Butyljtubbor 106 133 0 188 »>{fe1r GQAL) Neoprene 148 183 0 64 =>[feir,G0AL) N1tr1le 148 183 0 11 »(best,G0AL) NHMle 106 136 0 95 =>(fair,GOAL) N1tr1lo 106 144 0 60 *>tpoor,G0AL) f Nltrlle 78 80 0 58 =>(fair,GOAL] N1tr1le 106 138 0 77 s>(fa1r,GQAL) Nltrlle 106 138 0 82 Nltrlle PVA 130 185 0 63 «>(fa1r,G0AL) =>(fair,GOAL] 130 185 0 62 =>[best,GOAL) PVA 148 183 0 0 =>{beet GQAL) PVA 106 138 0 3 =>(beet,G0AL) PVA 106 144 0 0 =>[best GQAL] PVA 106 136 0 0 =>(fair,GOAL] =>(fa1r,G0AL) t f PVA 78 80 0 0 PVA 106 138 0 0 PVC 78 80 0 40 => (νery_poor,GOAL) =>{best G0AL) f PVC 106 138 0 8 =>(ve ry_poo r » GOAL) Viton Viton 106 138 0 1 =>(beet,GOAL) 106 138 0 1 =>(best,G0AL) Viton 148 183 0 0 =>[best G0AL) Viton 78 80 0 3 =>(baet,G0AL) Viton 130 195 0 0 =>(beet,GQAL) VUon 106 136 0 0 =>(ba8t,G0AL) Viton 106 144 0 1 =>(beet,G0AL) f ACTIONS: best [ a d v i s e " T h i s g l o v e has a * b e s t * r a t i n g .

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