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Advanced Imaging of the Abdomen

Provides a set of papers representing fields of neurosurgery and similar components within which very important contemporary advances were made. Discusses issues of cognizance, scientific assessment and surgical innovations in temporal lobe epilepsy, and extra. backed via the ecu organization of Neurosurgical Societies.

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Another branch loops up and over the ear and then dips down to end at a point on the jaw below that is slightly behind the level of the outer corner of the eye. It then ascends, passing very close to the outer corner of the eye as it travels to the forehead, uniting with the muscle-tendon meridian extension of the mastoid process at the temple. Still another branch issues out of the point at the mastoid process, ascending the previously described branch that crosses the forehead on its way to the temple.

32 Sen Ulangka 35 9. Sen Nanthakrawat Sen Nanthakrawat comprises two lines: · Starts at the navel and runs as Sen Sikhini to the urethra or urinary passage. · Starts at the navel as well and runs as Sen Sukhumang to the anus or fecal passage. Therapy: Sen Nanthakrawat is generally worked on by giving an Abdominal Massage. Indications are: Hernia, Freuent Urination, Female Infertility, Impotence, Precox Ejaculation, Irregular Menstruation, Uterine Bleeding, Retension of Urine, Diarrhoea, Abdominal Pain.

Beginning at the end of the index finger, this meridian travels up along what is then the outer side of the forearm to the outer portion of the crook in the arm. There it continues to ascend along the outer side of the upper arm to the side deltoid and then splits into two branches. One goes back over the trapezius muscle, descending down between the spinal column and scapula and extending up along the backbone to about midway of the length of the neck. The other travels across the lower surface of the trapezius and then to the sternocleidomastoid muscle on its way to the face, where it splits again at the jaw line.

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