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By Edward Bond

Defined via its writer as 'almost irresponsibly optimistic', kept is a play set in London within the sixties. Its topic is the cultural poverty and frustration of a iteration of kids at the dole and dwelling on council estates. The play was once first staged privately in November 1965 on the Royal courtroom Theatre prior to contributors of the English degree Society in a time while performs have been nonetheless censored. With its scenes of violence, together with the stoning of a toddler, stored turned a infamous play and a reason célèbre. In a letter to the Observer, Sir Laurence Olivier wrote: 'Saved isn't really a play for kids however it is for grown-ups, and the grown-ups of this state must have the braveness to examine it.' stored has had a marked impression on an entire new iteration writing within the 1990s.Edward Bond is "a nice playwright - many, relatively in continental Europe, could say the best residing English playwright" (Independent)

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The same last time. MARY. Take yer coat off. PAM. Yer oughta let me know if yer're goin'a be late. FRED. 'OW could I? Sorry love. We'll juss 'ave t* make it later in future. PAM (to MARY). Can I put the kid in your room ? MARY. No wonder it can't sleep. Pushed around like some ol' door mat. PAM. Can I or can't I ? I ain' sittin' there with that row goin' on. MARY. Do what yer like. FRED (to PAM). Got plenty a fags ? MARY. Yer will anyway. PAM (to FRED). Ready? FRED. See yer, Lenny boy. LEN. Yeh.

Nice. FRED. Piss off. BARRY. We don't wan' the little nipper fear that! Oi, come 'ere. COLIN and rmvgo to the pram. Oo's'e look like? They laugh. MIKE. Don't stick your ugly mug in its face I FETE. It'll crap itself f death. BARRY. Dad'll change its nappies. COLIN (amused). Bloody nutter! FRED. You wake it up an' yer can put it t*sleep. COLIN and PETE laugh. BARRY. Put it t'sleep ? COLIN. 'E'll put it t'sleep for good. PETE. With a brick. MIKE. 'E don't care if it's awake all night BARRY. 'Oo don't ?

BARRY. Ugh! MIKE. Can't keep 'em still! PETE. 'Avin' a fit. BARRY. It's dirty. They groan. COLIN. 'Old its nose. MIKE. Thass for 'iccups. BARRY. Gob its crutch. He spits. MIKE. Yeh! COLIN. Ha! SCENE SIX He spits. MIKE. Got it! PETE. Give it a punch. MIKE. Yeh less! COLIN. There's no one about! PETE punches it. Ugh! Mind yer don't 'urt it. MIKE. Yer can't. BARRY. Not at that age. MIKE. Course yer can't, no PETE. Like animals. MIKE. 'It it again. COLIN. I can't see! BARRY. 'Aider. PETE. Yeh. BARRY.

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