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4) have been obtained and analyzed in detail by many workers [8, 9, 11,29,30]. An important characteristic of the transient process is the value of the total charge flowing, after switching, in the external circuit; this charge is equal to the charge of excess holes which have reached the p-type region from the base. This charge is known as the recovered charge Qrec and represents some fraction of the total charge of excess holes accumulated in the base of a diode during the flow of the forward current.

02 em, Dp find that imax/if = 50-500. = 44 em 2/see, vd = 10 5-10 6 em/see, we Thus, allowanee for the finite velocity of holes also shows that the reverse eurrent peak is limited but it is very large (tens or hundreds of times larger than the forward eurrent). 3. , the forward eurrent ean be regarded as a "short"), the initial eondition in the solution of Eq. 13) is the distribution given by Eqs. 63). , a eonstant forward eurrent if flows through the eireuit. The general solution of the problem, with the initial eondition p(X, j f}, given by Eq.

8) is obtained, in an 28 SWITCHING IN A PLANAR DIODE [CH. II elementary manner, by the integration of the steady-state distribution of holes, given by Eq. 24), between the limits 0 and 00, neglecting the value of Pno' Analysis of Eq. 8) shows that the stored and recovered charges are both proportional to the forward current and are independent of the p-n junction area. It is interesting that in the switching process half of the stor~d excess hole charge recombines in the base and the other half flows into the external circuit, producing a transient reverse current.

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